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Jan 24th

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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

thJanuary 24 2012Shift of Agrarian Protest to the West Prairie Populism y Populism a core phenomenon of Canadian political life both historically and todayy Mixes core political ideologies of socialism liberalism conservatismy Opposition to elites political andor economic advocates more power to the people the producers of society etcy Left wing populism o Focus on capitalist elites and their allies in mainstream political parties liberals and conservatives o Favour active government public enterprise strong labour movement Wanted the state to act for the people community o the people as coalition of farmers workers the poor progressive intellectuals o Ex United Farmers of Canada y Right wing populism o Hostile to political elites state bureaucrats big government special interests state intervention occasionally financial interests case of Nazism o Individualism libertarianism private initiative versus state or public initiativesUp to the people instead of the statePrivate initiative State has a minimal roleo May have strong fundamentalist religious element o Ex W Aberharts social credit in Alberta duplessis and union nationale party Quebec reform party in the 1990sy What are the roots of right and left wing populism y Saskatchewan versus Albertay McPherson thesiso Looking at the material basis and how it differed in Albert to Saskatchewan o Albertaranching was important o Saskfamily farming wheat farmingy Crisis in grain handling 190102 y EA Partridge the spark of western protest o He began farming and moved out West y Partridge initiates Territorial Grain Growers association to address collusion o He tried to organize farmers
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