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January 31 lecture

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University of Guelph
SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

January 31 2012Struggle to Institutionalization Agrarian Interest The Contextlimited success of Progressives agrarians set up a rural commissionmanifest evidence of corporate concentration in input and output sectors RoyComm On Prince Spreadsshows by 30s Canadian economy was in the hands of only a few ppl failure of free market mechanisms doesnt exist in a lot of sectorsmassive market failure that came wdepressionrising tide lifts all boats rich ppl will become richer and poor ppl wont be as poorOption of Orderly Marketingfarmers wanted stability and protection from much stronger economic actors opposed what they called destructive competitionppl trading on various commoditiesorderly marketing what it meant Policies designed to achieve the maintenance of fair prices refuge from ups and downs of prices the regulation of supplyprices wont collect if there is too much of something if certain places are cheaper than others the cultivation demandwant to stimulate the demand for whatever you are producing ie wheat or milk and the improvement of qualityrecognizing competitive nature of the society ie have the purest milk National Products Marketing Act of 1934 set back welection of Mackenzie KingCanadian Wheat Board as a Precedentbill
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