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Februrary 2 Lecture

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University of Guelph
SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

February 2 2012Ontario Milk Marketing Board conditions in early part of centuryprice collapse of Depression years a lot of price cutting parttime shippers undercutting market dairies playing producers off against each other would try to get producers to make milk cheaper to buy forced to buy stock in dairy historically been an important commodity in Canada shift of a mix farming regime farmers were trying to sell all types of commodities not just one thing milk delivered but not paid for tainted and contaminated milk frequently creation of Ontario Whole Milk Producers League to get farmers together to protect their interest Milk Control Act of 1934 govt brings in legislation forcing processors to certain things forced licencing and bonding of all milk distributersThe Move Towards Supply Management persistent problems despite improvements during war years there was control over food distribution farmers testimony I had a quota and half of it started to be returned coloured indicating unaccepted quality There was no way it was all the same milk the Roberts Govt acts creating the milk pool
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