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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

Chapter 6Consolidation of the Agro Food Complex pre 1950s solid farming communities and strong farm organizationspost 1950sfragmentation of farming increasing stress on communitesformation of the agro food complexconsolidation for the Agro food complexsuccess in implementing and institutionalizing agriculture communities out migrationloss of small medium farm ownersthey were the mainstay of farming pushed outtractorization of agricultureeliminates physical limits on amt of land that could be farmed using animalsincreases in cost of landmachinery beyond farmers control 1st technological revolutionadoption of animal drawn farm equipmentmainly produced in Ontario massey 2nd adoption of mechanical power mostly steam turn of the centruyprice of labour increased bc men at warbecome economical to buy tractors dont need horses 8mil disappearedcostprice squeeze takes holdcosts of inputs rising faster than prices farmers receiving for their products see p 6394by 1990s adoption of neoliberal policiesreduction in farm subsidies drastic price declines for some farm commoditiesinputs
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