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Lecture 2

SOC2080 Week 2 Jan 17 Lecture Notes

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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

SOC 2080 WEEK 2 Jan 17 TuesThe Intimate CommodityMarvin Harris What is good to eat is good to sell commodification of food in capitalist eraUse value is it unique o Ex Stocks have no use value but have large exchange value money has no use value exchange for productsExchange value HistoryAnthropology of foodCorn and the Maya o Prized corn and it was at the core of their material existence Rice and Eastern cultures o Allowed for devt of classical Chinese culture and other EasternDo certain foods still occupy a privileged place in Canadian societyo Maple syrup poutine Food Status and InequalityFoods in medieval EuropeHindu caste culture a person acceptable for the table is acceptable for the marriage bedRelship bw food and other customsfooddietary inequalities today nationally and internationally o who gets to eat what where CanadaSome arent
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