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Lecture 2

SOC2080 Week 2 Jan 19 Lecture Notes

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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

SOC 2080 WEEK 2 Jan 19 ThursThe Rise of Agrarianism The Context1878 John A Macdonald Govt issue of settlement of West Railroad to Pacific the American threat and tariffsnational policyWhy tariffs o Gave manufacturers a leg up foundation for industrialization of Canada Clearing land of First Nations peopleBroken treaties and pressures of settlementDestruction of the buffalo war and genocide in the USResistance mass starvation and capitulationChief Poundmaker in Sask Negotiating Treaty Six w govt of CanadaWhen offered some land for farming protests This is our land It isnt a piece of pemmican to be cut off and given in little pieces back to us It is ours and we will take what we want Dominion Lands Act quarter section for a nominal feeCreating the CPR 25 million acres land grant 20 yr monopolygrant scandalSettlement delayed US more attractive expensive transpor
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