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University of Guelph
SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

February 28 2012Farming and Food Another Way What is the neoliberal economic model reduction of barriers to movement of capital and trading of goods moving the state out of the economyprivatising all public enterprises markets are the best mechanism for solving these problems having all economic transactions governed by market mechanisms reducingeliminating all barriers to free market forces ie labour unions minimum wage policies government subsidies Proponents of neoliberal model arguemarket is best mechanism for allocation of societal resources interference in the market ie by government creates inefficiencies which cost societyeliminating trade barriers wfree trade agreements stimulates business rising tides lifts all boats ie we all supposedly benefit Should we worry if farms and communities failinefficient and uncompetitivemust be let go so better allocation of resources can be achieved for wider economy ie more benefit for the loss in the long run most benefit via lower prices when lowest cost producers dominate What Canadian critics say the neoliberal argument overlooksthe free market is neither free nor natural it is a social and political constructfreedom is meaningless in presence
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