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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

Animal Welfare and Factory Farming Evolution of Humananimal relationship aboriginal approach respect sustainability animistic beliefs Greek JudeoChristian ethics and animals inferior subordinate to humanscapitalistic era animals as property commodification of animals factory system renewed ethics Leopold and extending ethical treatment from humans to animals reevaluation of intelligence sentient qualities etcFactory Farming A Holocaust in the Animal Kingdom USA as the model beef cattle feed lots 50100k animals dairy cattle 35k up to 10k chickens 70100k hensfarm 45 hens in space of 2 phone booksanimals brought together and fed on corn based meals to fatten them up some environmental costs inputs water1lbpork 430 gallons 1600 L 1lb beef390 gallonscarbon footprintlarge amounts of petroleum go into the production of beef animal and human health implications inappropriate feed gastric erosion from high energy corn feed these animals not meant to eat such large amounts of corn meant to eat grasschronic diarrheaskin lesionsinfectiontail amputations increasingly normal removing tails beaks
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