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chemical substances

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SOC 2390
Mavis Morton

A drug is any chemical substance – other than food or water – that affects the mind or body. • How people view a particular drug varies from society to society. For example, Europeans have enjoyed drinking alcohol for thousands of years. When Native Americans were introduced to wine and liquor by European colonists, they had no customs to guide its use. As a result, many native peoples fell into drunken stupors, causing tribal leaders to declare alcohol a serious problem. Conversely, the Native American peoples used peyote—which alters human consciousness—as part of their religious rituals. When this drug was shared with European settlers, many became terrified of the hallucinations it produced and soon pronounced peyote a dangerous drug. The Extent of Drug Use • If we define drugs in a broad way – to include substances like aspirin and caffeine – then almost everyone is a “user.” Most people in the United States use drugs to go to sleep, to wake up, to relax, or to ease pain. • With such a widespread reliance on chemicals, we might well describe our way of life as a “drug culture.” However, most people do not define this kind of drug use as a problem because it is so routine; instead, people define the drug problem as the use of illegal drugs. • A government survey in 1998 revealed that nearly 14 million people (6% of the population aged twelve and older) had used some illegal drug at least once in the past thirty days. The trend in illegal drug use (as well as alcoho
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