SOC 2390 Lecture Notes - Erving Goffman, Ethnomethodology, Symbolic Interactionism

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Published on 29 Jan 2013
The Natural and Social Sciences
Natural Sciences
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Physics
- Geology
Social Sciences
- Anthropology
- Economics
- History
- Political Science
- Psychology
- Sociology
- Sociology is the scientific study of:
(1) the social behavior and attitudes of individuals;
(2) the structure of groups, organizations, and societies; and
(3) the relationships among social structures and human behavior.
Structure - our social setting has a tremendous impact on our behavior; which is not to say that social
context simply determines behavior.
Agency - individuals and groups are capable of acting independently of social influences; that is, humans
influence and are influenced by their social setting.
• Methodological Considerations and Units of Analysis
Major Sociological Perspectives and Theorists
- Functionalism: Comte, Durkheim, Parsons, Merton
- Conflict Theory: Marx, Mills, Braverman, Coser
- Symbolic Interactionism: Mead, Cooley, Thomas
a) Chicago School: Blumer, Wirth, Park, Burgess
b) Iowa School: Kuhn
c) Dramaturgy: Goffman
d) Ethnomethodology: Garfinkel
Functionalism or Structural-Functionalism
- Functionalism focuses on order and stability in society; functionalists view society as a well-integrated
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