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SOC 2700
C Yule

thMarch 12 2013Social Reaction Labelling Theories Contd Reintegrative Shaming Braithwaite2 types of shamingdisintegrative or stigmatic shaming most familiar with this reaction that serves to weaken the moral bonds between the offenderand the communitygoal or effect of this is setting the offender apart as an outcast offender is expected to commit more crimelabelling or grouping them as outcasts general feeling that these individuals cannot be trusted to obey the law etc were shunning the offender for good from society fairly permanent in its effect this type creates this class about castsmore and more entrenched in the criminal lifestyle ex criminal records major hindrance for your entire life offender registries etcreintegrative shamingstrengthens the moral bonds between the offender and the community condemn crime not the criminal provide offenders with the opportunity to rejoin their community aslawabiding citizensstatus degradation ceremoniesdegrading someones status dont have many ceremonies where one can exit the deviant roleresponding to crime could actually be useful move them towards conformityex healing circles victimoffender mediation but victim could be subject to revictimization could just be a ploy to avoid jail timebook Crime Shame and ReintegrationCriticisms of Labelling Theorydid a very good job bringing attention to the issue of social reaction moving the focus away from the individual attributes and focus on societyoveremphasis on importance of the labelthe role the label has in determining future outcomes ignores characteristics of the personis the label more important than a persons background some people become deeply involved in crime before they are labelled by the CJS labelling theories struggle to explain this disregards the actual behaviour of the deviant
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