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SOC 2700
C Yule

March 19 2013 Gender Responsive Approach to Working with Women in Conflict with the Law -why do we need a gender perspective? -if gender didn’t matter, half would be men and half would be women -another reason is the reasons why people commit crime -distinguishing aspects of female and male offenders -both have mental health issues, but the reasons why are different between genders -gender inequality and power -aggression -men—direct physical aggression, fight -women—use emotional abuse -coping with child abuse -men—act out (violence) -women—act in (self harm) -pains of incarceration -men—loss of freedom and independence -women—disconnection from significant others -women are less likely to commit crimes than men -women commit crimes of powerlessness while men commit crimes of power -when women and men commit the same crime, women are motivated by powerlessness while men are motivated by power -women enter the system very marginalized The pathways perspective -incorporates a “whole life” perspective in the study of crime causation -because of their gender, women are at greater risk From victimization to Criminalization -ex. Donna’s story -abuse, abandonment, drugs, left home, had 4 kids (fetal alcohol syndrome, etc.), just wanted love, got married, husband was abusive, relapsed, raped again, had a moment with a stranger, and from then on changed and reconnected with community -see how pathways lead to criminalization -poverty, lack of education, etc. -typical story of many women in jail -women view relationships as extremely important -when coupled with past abuse experiences where love has been equated with abuse, they are more likely to remain in a relationship even if it is abusive -offending occurs when they need to do things in that relationship to ensure it
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