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SOC 2700
C Yule

January 29 , 2013 Functionalist & Strain Theories Distinctions: CLASSICAL POSITIVIST WHAT IS CRIME? Violation of social contract Pathology, inferiority, or sickness WHAT IS THE NATURE OF Free will Determinism OFFENDERS? HOW SHOULD WE Swift, certain, proportionate Treatment, separation, CONTROL CRIMINALS? punishment elimination, rehabilitation Structural Functionalism – early school of thought, based on metaphor that society is a living organism, based on different parts. Individual parts are inter-dependent, and work together. The healthier all the individual parts are, the better the society will be – the better individual members of society will be. Macro sociologists perspective - Not saying the existing structure works for everyone, but it works as a whole Questions: - How do social systems operate successfully? - How is order maintained in society? Consensus-based approach - basis of social order is found in the shared values of a community – agreement about what is right/wrong Emile Durkheim - Crime is normal It has existed in every society – it has to be serving some kind of purpose.
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