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University of Guelph
SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

Unit Seven Illegal Drugs Historical PerspectiveDifferences Between Legal and Illegalall societies have used psychoactive mood altering drugs are not measured just by the numbers they killsubstances alcohol tobacco caffeine qat peyote opiumexcept maybe the Inuitillegal drugs tend to be more dangerous on a dose by dose level as deaths from alcohol and tobacco are drugs often had a religious use to help achieve a higher cumulative over many yearsstate of consciousness or to bring members togetherdeaths by illegal drugs tend to be younger and generally all civilizations have allowed some drugs and unanticipated deaths by smoking and alcohol are of banned others as deviantmiddleaged people and have warning periodwhen people are poortraditional drugs may be illegal drugs are associated with a rejection of societys known but out of reach of majorityvalues not just in doing what is illegalas prosperity advances or wars disrupt communities marijuana use was connected to rejecting established taboo drugs are used by more peoplesocial boundaries and goals material successin the 1840s Britain and China fought the Opium Wars hallucinogens were linked to rejecting national goals and patriotismmodern wars tended to expose male youth to more drugs and to traumatize them especially the Vietnam War any drug that interrupts the sociallyprescribed work week is going to be looked at with askance Illegal DrugsIf Deaths are represented by adrugs are physical but perception of drug use is socially Illegal use of drugs causeconstructed whether or not something is viewed as a danger to Alcohol causessociety is socially constructed its dose how it feels dissolvs etc is not socially constructed but completely physicalSmoking causeslots of inaccurate information commonly believedThe precise figures vary each year but the proportionA such as how many use and when ex People say that stays consistenteveryone in the 60s did drugs when it was the 1970s that drug use reached its peakLegal drugs cause up to 30 times deaths of all illegal drugs combinedB the effects of drugs dope leads to murder completely wrong C the effects of their legal status that legalization would cause everyone to do drugs probably exaggeratedDrug Moral Panicsirrational fears usually centered around a folkdevil crack cocaine caused epidemic of crack babies in or evil image19891990 panic about witches caused to be born without armslegsfear that something is not right with society fear that weed causes promiscuity in 1980s dope was a gateway drug and caused Amotivational Syndromedope caused promiscuity violence and insanity iepeople become slackers Reefer Madness Dope does trigger schizophrenia but only in those with genetic predispositionstry a drug once and youre addicted few cases of developing it after using marijuanasay you use them and you can die instantlyfor majority does not cause schizophrenia drugs that really cause injury not subject to moral in 1960s LSD and dope caused pacificismpanics and often were promoted by governments like
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