SOC 2700 Lecture Notes - Trait Theory

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Published on 30 Nov 2011
University of Guelph
SOC 2700
November 29th 2011 Lecture
Contemporary Theories of Crime
1. Age and Crime
-social factors which lead a teen into crime
-factors which lead a person out of crime: "aging out" of crime
-other factors contributing to crime exit
-why do people stay in a life of crime
2. An example of aging and crime: Thornberry's interactional theory of crime
-part of the "Life course" theory of crime
-integrated model using control and social learning theories
-studies of changes for adolescence
-importance of the social bond to teens
-criminality tied to development
3. Integrated theories of crime
-falsification problem
-why integration?
-common elements to modern integrative theory
-how do criminologists formulate an integrated theory?
-what level are the theories to be combined?
-conceptual or propositional integration?
5. Examples of Latent Trait Theory:
-gottfredson and hirschi: General theory of crime
-problems with latent trait theories: focus can go into biology or psychology
6. Examples of multi factor theories
-daniel glaser: differential anticipation theory
-Elliot et at. "integrated" theory
7. Life course: see Thornberry in text, pp. 387-388; 390-393
8. Another modern theory: John Braithwaite's reintegrative shaming theory
-creation of new theory
-reintegrative shaming as a concept
-stigmatizing shame: problems
-reintegrative shaming: benefits
-philosophy of reintegrative shaming
-principals of reintegrative shaming
-importance of shame
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