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biology and crime

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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

September 272011Criminological Theory Biology and CrimeCesare Lombroso Theory of a Criminal Mano Looks at criminal behavior from a biological standpointo Some ties can be found with biology and crimeo Attempted to use positivism can we predict crimeo Studied the differences between a male soldier population and a male jail populationo Atavism less evolved human beings are more likely to turn to crime ex people with big ears crooked noses sloping foreheads long arms etcy Common physical traits amongst criminals because the people were less developedy Morality was also thought to be less developedy People who couldnt grow beards were thought to engage in more criminal behaviory Also called these people savagesy Came up with this theory when evolution and Darwinism were popularo Born criminal criminal behavior can be determined by physical inborn traits people are born criminal not createdo stigmata various types of physical signs that would equate a persons moralityy even went as far to differentiate the physical characteristics of different types of criminal ex different traits for murderers vs thieveso different ways to group people in societyo thought that women had lower crime crimes because of their maternal instincts but also recognized they could be deceitful jealous vengeful etc their self control was highero lombrosos classification of criminals page 24Crime prevention solutionso prison keeps criminals off the street o it may not reform people because of the biological aspect he thought was presentOrigins of theories on biology and crimeo Evolutionary theoryo Survival of the fittest certain people are better than other individuals in terms of their abilitiesOther theories of biology and criminalityPhysiognomy behavior and physical traits science developed by John Lavater Facial features were used to judge moral character nose earlobes eyes chin lines beards etc
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