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oct 4th crim

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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

Lecture 4thTuesday October 4 2011Personality Studies Tests are used to determine your personalityColour test certain colours selected suggests different personality traits DISC four different dominant personality tests what type of pet do you like MMPI about 400 questions testing for certain kinds of personality traits CPI determines various positive and negative personality traits Can identify antisocial personality disorder sociopath through these tests Repeated acts of violence and criminal activity use of an alias name Failure to keep jobs pay bills Lack of remorse Can help to predict future criminal tendencies Importance of DSM can determine negative personality traitsThe Problem of impulsivity and crime Common problem that people act without thinking Impulsivity is manifested with high levels of activity Not giving yourself enough time to think about your actions Teenage brains are wired slightly different to be more susceptible to impulsivity Sociopaths still lack this abilit
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