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contemporary classicism

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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

October 252011 Criminological theory Contemporary ClassicismContemporary ClassicismEarly influences Cesare Beccaria Jeremy Bentam utilitarianism philosophyo Look at various ways to control human behavior punishment human natureo Costs benefits analysis people have a rationale component to them and way the rewards of committing a crime against the potential punishmentso Human nature people are able to self regulate themselves o Utilitarian philosophy punishment is one of the things that deters crimes Core ideaso People are rationale calculators we arent driven by biological psychological or evil forcesy When thinking about committing a crime people first ask if they are going to get caughto We all have free will people get involved in crimes because they chose to do so o People choose behaviorso People fear punishment based on free will and rationale we realize there is a fear of punishment we may get caught or we may not get caughty Methods of crime prevention important for structuring society in a way that people fear getting caught and punished for committing crimesy Deterrence prevent people from reoffending and from offending in the first place Deterrence Theoryo Why dont people get involved in criminal behavioro draws on classical ideaso importance of rationality y fears people have of punishment people use various rationales when getting involved in criminal behaviorso punishment can deter crimey the end goal is to stop people from committing crimey punishment itself can symbolically deter people from becoming criminals in the first placeo general vs specific deterrence y general it is symbolic in nature we see other people being punished see it in the news etc it acts as a warning sign to the public to make them aware that the police will catch up to them and they will pay for their actions This is a crime prevention model y specific deterrence for people who have been caught for their crimes especially street criminals and occasional deviants effective for one time offenders who will likely never
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