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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

November 12011Criminological TheorySocial Disorganization Theoryo Early influences of theChicago School of Sociologyy Thought you had to interview people in order to understand crimey Importance of rapid social change cities change very quickly when they are developing people moving rental housing new people immigratingy Associated problems with change sanitation housing living and work conditions scarcity of jobs overcrowding language barriers difference of valuesy Tried to make the connection between bad neighbourhoods and crimey Identified the types of neighbourhoods and things happening in the neighbourhoodso High levels of crime in certain areas of cities Ernest Burgess Concentric Zone Theory1 Factory zone the loop center commercial zone downtown core businesses bars clubs train stations shopping centers2 Zone in transition just outside of the downtown area had many social problems cheaper place to live lots of renters constantly changing 3 Workingmans home zone home owners4 Residential zone middleupper class homes more expensive5 Commuter zoneBurgess identifies the zone in transition as a problem areao Social problems weaken the communityy Run down pollution poverty temporary residents gang activity sanitation problemsy There is a weakened sense of family and community ties in this zone y People dont know each other o City growth is linked to social disorganizationy People arent invested in these areas or the people in them y Noticed a high level of crime rates and gang related activities in this zone but not any of the othersy Hypothesized that due to the lack of community ties and the high amounts of poverty were causes of crime There is a lack of connection that causes people to not care about the area of the peopleShaw and McKay connect delinquency with zone in transitiono Saw rapid drops in the juvenile delinquent rate as you moved further away from the zone of transition
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