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conflict theories

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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

October 112011 Common ideas in conflict theoryo Inequality and power inequality exists someone wins someone loses o Crime is political the laws of politics can affect crimes that occur ex increased housing prices may lead to more lower class crimeso Laws serve the powerful certain crimes are overlooked some are over punished ex street crimesMarxist Criminology Karl Marx and Frederich Engelso Crime is tied to economic structures Marxist criminologyo Believed that capitalism was the root cause of crimeo Looks at class structureso Scarce resources competition people compete for scarce recourses such as money housing jobs etc this created power relationships where some come out on topo Capitalism produced inequality y Thought that socialism would eventually overcome the capitalist system would fall and equality would be the end result o Economic classes bourgeoisie and prolateriat produced from the class struggley Bourgeoisie elites more power more money higher class decide how things worky Prolateriat lower wage working class people become convinced of the inequality and start riots unions revolts complaints of minimum wageo Course of conflict who controls the means mode of productionMarxist Criminology Modern Theoristso Law domain of the ruling class y The creation and maintenance of law is based on the elites who have power and control y They manipulate the laws to accomplish what is in their best interestsy Laws protect the elites and punish the lower classo Crime byproduct of class struggley Certain people react to inequalities in criminal ways because of frustration alienation inability to get aheado Distancing from means of production determines crimey Social distancingo Importance of surplus value and crimey Profit of the ownersy The influence of more and more profits and less that go to the workersy Workers produce goods and services it is sold by the capitalist who keeps the profits or reinvests in the company This causes some factories to become very heavily mechanised and call for less human manual labour A significant amount of workers
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