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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

November 292011Criminological Theory Contemporary TheoriesAge and Crimeo Social factors which lead a teen into crimey Physical traitsy Peak levels occur in terms of aging around 1718 for males females pretty consistent from age 1429 y Substantial decrease by age 50 even for repeat offendersy Lack of strong social bonds in some teenagers lives may cause crimes or gang involvementy Teenagers also go out and seek rewards in ways that may not be legaly Status power peer respecto Factors which lead a person our of crime aging out of crimey Substantial decrease by age 50 even for repeat offendersy Aging takes a toll on the body it becomes very physically demanding on the individualy Social factors marriage kids careerso Other factors contributing to crime exity Risking freedom fear of getting caughty Social stigmay Having a criminal record makes other life goals difficult ex getting a good joby Loss of skill seto Why do people stay in a life of crimey Small minorityy Feel like theyre trapped in deviant careersy Seen as a profession to some peopleAn example of aging and crime Thornberrys interactional theory of crimeo Part of the life course theory of crimeo Integrated model using control and social learning theories how do people socialize and learn in deviant lifestyles effects of weak attachments negative and unconventional social bonds o Studies of changes for adolescents looked at what was actually happening during age peaks that was significant in high levels of crimeyo Importance of the social bond to teens y Negative social bonds y What leads to people forming these negative relationships o Criminality tied to developmenty Age specific who is more prone to getting involved with delinquent behavior
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