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Lecture Notes - Jan 10

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University of Guelph
SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

Tuesday January 10 2012 Criminological Theory What is it Type of explanation for crimes being committed Prostitution in a neighbourhood may be a cause for crime for that neighbourhoodA set of fundamental assumptions about some type of crime how we think about it and how we do research about itBroken Windows theory rough neighbourhood that looks bad people will act in a way that will fit in with that neighbourhood break more windows gang tags applied assumption that the people in that neighbourhood turn a blind eye to the crimes Looked at neighbourhoods as the unit of analysisTheory is a concept a statement or a sentence like a proposition or hypothesis to explain somethingTheory becomes a building blockGoals Explain and Predict Most theories of crime do bothExplain why criminal behaviour occurs why do we have repeat offenders biological component Bad Seed of a familyy Broken homes lead to higher levels of crime amongst single mothersAt
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