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Lecture 3

Week 3 Biology and Crime

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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

thJanuary 24Biology and CrimeCesare Lombroso 18351909 Theory of Criminal Man o Some ties with biology and crime o Wanted to use positivism can we predict crime o Atavism as an ideaidea that criminals were biologically less evolved than the rest of the population Next step was to say they are also morally inferioro Who were considered atavistscriteria to identify atavists eye shape jawline hooked nose short hands long arms scanty beard etco Stigmataphysical traits that act as signs of moral inferiorityo Born CriminalLombrosos classification of criminals o Categories on pg 24 of text Solutions Crime Prevention Strategies o Prison keeps criminal off the streetOrigins of theories on biology and crime o Evolutionary theory o Physical traits and links to crime born criminalsBorn Criminal Theory Physiognomy o Developed by John Caspar
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