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Lecture 4

Week 4 - Psychology and Crime, Conflict Theory

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University of Guelph
SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

SOC 2700 Week 4 stJanuary 31Psychology and Crime Psychoanalysiso Freud 18561939 o Id ego and superegochildlike selfishnessrational sense of right and wrong causeeffectinternalization of norms and values moralizing part of the individual guilt and shameo Malfunctioning ego or superego leads to crimenorms have not been internalizedo Problem of the unconscioushow do you test the concept of the unconsciousPersonality Studies o Colours DISC MMPI and CPIpersonality inventories trying to predict behaviouro Importance of the DSMpersonality but also identifying traits of criminal behaviour such as lack of emotion and being antisocial o Antisocial personality disordereg impulsive behaviourlack of remorse or shame Disconnect of mind and bodyThe problem of impulsivity of crime o People act without forethoughthigh level of impulsivity accompanied by lower IQ lack of directiongoals etc o Wilson and Herrnstein criminals are distinctEugenics wellborno Developed by Sir Francis Galtonselecti
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