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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

SOC 2700Criminological TheoryLecture 1thJanuary 11 2012 Criminological Theory What is it Theory definedLinking facts together in order to understand components of crime understanding behaviors and individual characteristicsRecognizing serial killers and their motivesUnderstand how and why crime occursUnderstanding society and how it relates to crimeWe look at things within the Criminal Justice System and how it relates to criminal behaviors etc How to solve problems by using different types of theoriesExplain and Predict Most theories of crime do bothIndicators to identify crime and predict itBack in the day they used to use physical appearances to predict crime it is not accurateSociety writes a persons life social and physical elements It is used to predict future behavior in for example children years down the roadBroken Windows Theory lowincome neighborhoods mattresses on the sidewalk broken windows trash etc Certain neighborhoods thrive and some decay bad and good elements of societyThe Creation and Evaluation of Theory Theories of crime either explain crime or attempt to predict crime Evidence helps to verify a theoryMental illness family dysfunction no education low socioeconomic etc Does criminological theory have a use Helps to explain why crime occurs Crime prevention may also be a result Example Conflict theory not being able to attain certain things education materialistic things etc Theres different groups that are more powerful and maintain their position by denying those access to education and other things It is useful to understanding why robberies take place and why the witnesses might chase themUnderstanding the sense of why people commit crimeWhy do we look negatively as a society towards certain types of drugsCriminological Theories as Explanations Spiritualevil witchcraft possessed by the devil etc Natural natural laws Scientific connections of data and theory various types of ways of observing data Why theories cannot be proven Issue of falsificationMaking assumptionsHow easily can a theory be falsified Lecture 2January 13 12 Film Insider the Killers Mind1What are the claims made by Dr Dorothy Lewis and Dr Jonathan Pincus about the origins of violence and murderThe frontal lob if it is damaged it releases inhibition and it is like being drunk all the time and impairs judgment Mental illness was found in children their parents passed it on They found the children severely abused as well physical and emotional Three factors brain damage abuse and mental illness 2What goes wrong socially in the early life of an offender that leads them to commit murderAbuse Abuse makes people violent causing brain damage Sexual abuse was a big reason why most sexual predators do such things to other individuals Extremely abusive parents caused them to act in the same manner they did towards others except they killed them 3What do the critics say about these argumentsMost brain damaged abused and mental illnesses people are not all murderers IF you combine these with a spark it can be lethal You cannot find out the truth from criminals because they are wrong and there arent any excuses A lot of criminals lie about being abused and suffer from posttraumatic stress 4What prevention strategies does Dr Lewis offer to stop people from becoming adult murderers Identifying abuse early and prevent itLecture 3January 16 12 Three types of Crime Explanation External forces nature weathercriminal behavior can be explained by weather patterns lunar eclipse full moon etc cosmology astrology and how the stars are positioned and demonology the devil made me do it Internal causes Physiology and Biology components of crime Doctors would give them treatments because of their physiology Something can be cured rather than punished was their mentality Group associationRefers to law Crime is not something is not held by external forces but looking at the various things that happen in society Social factors help explain The objectivesubjective debate Objective behavior is real Subjective behavior is constructed The Classical School of Criminology 16801800 Ties to the enlightenment period Role of Hedonism selfinterest Importance of free will difference between right and wrong Social Contract Role of punishment Utilitarianism Philosophers Voltaire Arouet Hobbes Kant and HumeLecture 4January 18 12 Punishment is a very big aspect in classical school4Cesare Beccaria 17381794Book On Crimes and PunishmentsClassification of crimes high treason personal security and public tranquilityMeasure of crime social harmPunishment and the right punish law and authority of judgesEvidence and forms of judgmentPunishment as a deterrent promptness severity and certaintyThe death penalty potential problems Prisons had a lot of inequalities He wrote on the principles on an idea justice system Greatest good for the greatest number Crimes destroys society is what he thought Social harms exists
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