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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

rd Jan. 23 Biology and Crime - Cesare Lombroso (1835-1909): “Theory of Criminal Man” o Some ties with biology and crime o Wanted to use positivism: can we predict crime? o Atavism as an idea  Evolution – we are constantly evolving  Ex: women hit puberty earlier now than we did before  Biologically deviant o Who were considered atavistic?  Different aspects (physical traits):  Flatten/hook nose  Few lines in palm of hands  Short or long arms  Small or large hands  Scanty beards (in Europe – all men had beards) o Stigmata o Born criminal - Lombroso‟s classification of criminals o See page 24 of text - Solutions? Crime Prevention Strategies o Prison: keeps criminals off the streets - Origins of theories on biology and crime o Evolutionary theory o Physical traits and links to crime? (born criminals) - Born Criminal Theory: Physiognomy o Developed by John Caspar Lavater (1741-1801) o Facial features used to judge moral character o Nose, earlobes, eyes, chin lines, beards, etc. th Jan. 25 - Born Criminal Theory: Phrenology o Founders: Franz Joseph Gall (1776-1828) and Johann Casper Spurzheim (1776- 1832) o Mapped areas of the outside skull o Areas indicative of brain function o Certain areas indicate criminality - Born Criminal Theory: Craniometry o Developed in part by Gustave Le Bon o Classification of human types based on skull measurement and size  Too small or too large of a brain - Body types and criminality: Sheldon o Developed by William Sheldon (1898-1977) o Adapted the ideas of Kretschmer to the study of crime in male delinquents (and later females) o Developed three classes of body types, called “somatotypes” o Endomorphs  Short and fat  Craves chocolate o Ectomorphs  Tall and lanky  Individual, not team player o Mesomorphs  Athletic, fit, muscular  Seek power 
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