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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

th Jan. 30 Psychology and Crime - Psychoanalysis o Freud (1856-1939) o Id, ego, and superego o Malfunctioning ego or superego leads to crime o Problem of the unconscious - Personality studies o Colours, DISC, MMPI and CPI  Colours – different colours = different personality  DISC – focuses on positive attributes  Dominating, Determined (outgoing)  Inspirational, Influential (outgoing)  Supportive, Submissive, Stable (reserved)  Cautious, Contemplative (reserved)  MMPI – Minnesota Multiple Personality I  Identifies abnormal personality and people o Compulsive, aggressive, etc.  CPI – California Personality I o Importance of the DSM  How to treat different deviant people  Tries to determine negative attributes  Gives symptoms of personality traits o Anti-social personality disorder  Symptoms: road rage, unable to hold jobs, lack of remorse, etc. - The problem of impulsivity and crime o People act without forethought o Wilson and Herrnstein: criminals are distinct - Eugenics (well-born) o Developed by Sir Francis Galton o Role of science and IQ o Alfred Binet and the intent of IQ o H. H. Goddard and IQ studies (U.S. soldiers; Kallikak family)  Soldiers – 50% of the soldiers were below the average of the time  Kallikak family – 480 members (blood relatives) living in a rural area  He hypothesized a low level IQ within this family  Pictures – eyes sunk in/pointing downward (animal like)  IQ level determines common societal problems  Ex: inability to hold job, inability to raise kids, greater chance of addiction, etc.  IQ tests = practical/general knowledge  Returning to U.S. in 1918, a question such as „Who won the World Series in 1917?‟ sets up the soldier to fail o Was feeblemindedness hereditary? o Tests of U.S. soldiers in WWI o Problems with Goddard: tests of general and practical knowledge o Charles Davenport: crime as pre-destined? Feb. 1 st - Examples of legislation o 1924 Immigration Restriction Act (US) o 1928 Alberta Sexual Sterilization Act (Canada)  Low IQ parents = child is sterilized by doctor before puberty  Sometimes against the child and even the parent‟s will o Parental cons
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