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University of Guelph
SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

th Feb. 6 - Test o Day 1: 1 essay question must be written o Day 2: 1 of 2 essays must be written o 3-4 pages are successful… - Common ideas in Conflict Theory o Inequality and power o Crime is political o Law serves the powerful - Marxist Criminology: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels o Crime is tied to economic structures o Scarce resources = competition o Capitalism produces inequality o Economic classes: bourgeoisie and proletariat o Source of conflict: who controls the means (mode) of production - Marxist Criminology: Modern Theorists o Low: domain of the ruling class o Crime: hyproduct of class struggle o Distancing from means of production determines crime o Importance of surplus value and crime - Contemporary Marxists: Willem Bonger o Greed and selfishness are tied to crime o Owners: make profits o Workers: sell their labour cheap o Both are greedy and selfish o But: only the poor are criminalized o Capitalism demoralizes the person (crime) - Contemporary Marxists: other approaches o Conditions in capitalism generate crime: “reaction to deprivation” thesis o Social origins of law and criminalization - Instrumental Marxism o The State serves the interests of elites o Law is the instrument of ruling class o Poor are easily criminalized o Corporate criminals: avoid severe penalties Feb. 8 th - Structural Marxism o Law preserves capitalism o But: elite class is not a coherent group o Mediates among elite groups o Law: is a solution to contradictions of capitalism o Protects long-tern interests of capitalists - Conflict Theorists: George Vold (wrote in times of Vietnam War – adults fo
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