SOC 2760 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Homicide, Developmental Disorder

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Unit 3
Reading 1: Homicide in Canada, 2012 - Juristat
Understand the trends and patterns in homicide rather than the statistics
Ages 18-24 homicide group have consistently had the highest rate for more than a
Homicide rates were generally highest in the western and northern parts of the country
There was an overall decrease in the number of homicides committed in 2012
The number of fatal shootings increased
Males continue to account for the majority of homicide victims
Canada’s homicide rate remains higher than the majority of its peer countries
o Ranked fifth highest among the 17 countries most comparable to Canada
o Homicide decreased in almost all provinces and territories
Homicide rates within Canada are generally lower or similar to overall averages
Shootings and stabbings continue to be the most common methods to commit homicide
The number of fatal beatings decreased
Handguns continue to be the most common type of firearm used in shootings
Gang-related homicides remain stable for third consecutive year
Gang-related violence is typically highest in the western region of the country
o Most gang-related homicides are committed with a firearm
Majority using a hand-gun
o More likely to have ties to dealing drugs, trafficking, settling of drug-related
accounts or debts
Most of the homicides that came to attention to the police were solved
o Homicides involving gangs, drug-trade, or firearms have been found to be less
likely to get solved
Solved homicides are more likely to be committed by someone known to the victim than
by a stranger
o The relationship shared between the people involved in the crime, are different
for males and females
Victims are most likely to be killed by an acquaintance
The rates of intimate partner homicide have been higher for females than for males
across all age groups
For both males and females, the rates of intimate partner homicide were highest for
those between ages 25-34
Most of these crimes were committed by a current or formal legally married spouse
Homicide related to illegal professions increase
Some professions, both legal and illegal, put people at greater risk of violence and
homicide than others
People accused of homicide are typically male, young adults
o Ages 18-34
Rate of youth accused of homicide lowest in over a decade
Homicides committed by youth were more likely than those committed by adults to
involve another accused
Alcohol and/or drug consumption common in homicide
Research suggests that there is an association between alcohol and drug consumption
and violent crime, including homicide
The proportion of all accused suspected to have a mental or developmental disorder has
been increasing
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