SOC 2760 Lecture 6: Attitudes

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13 Feb 2017

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- ATTITUDES are evaluations of ourselves of other ppl and issues w some
degree of favour and disfavor
- Who are you?
- Self esteem is a product of the diff attitudes you have towards yourself
1. Affect: emotions or feelings stimulated by the object of an attitude gut
feeling not rational not governed by logic ex. Finding bff funny
2. Behavioral intention: predispositional to act in a certain way self
3. Cognition: beliefs or ideas ppl have about the object of an attitude
weighing the pulses and minuses for making a logical decision
Attitude theories
- Tri component theory
- An attitude is a single entity that has 3 components (a b c) al
- Separate entities view of attitudes
- A b and c are separate entities which may or may not be intercorrelated
Attitudes strength
- Vary in intensity
- They can be external or internal
- Which is a greater predictor for beh
- Self report measures (how do u feel about sharks?)
Not always accurate intimidation wording and ordering of questions
- Covert measures- implicit association task
- gary wells and Richard petty: looked at ppls reactions of the profs remarks
IAT implicit association task
- white or good
- black or bad
attitude =/= beh
- students reported cheating wa
- s wrong (attitude) but when asked to mark their exams they cheated
correspondence principle
- fishbein and ajzen resolved the controversy by introducing this
- attitudes and beh have to be measured w the same lvl of specificity or
Ppl who were given $1 thought it was fun
Ppl w $20 thought it sucked bc they thought they gave a lot of money bc
the experiment sucked
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find more resources at
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