SOC 2760 Lecture 2: Social psychology lect 1

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13 Feb 2017

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Social psychology
The notion/nature of self
All part of a larger social structure
What is self? Self concept known as me self awareness (the knower of I)
Qualities social characteristics names psychological characteristics all
make up the self …how you define yourself (the me)
Younger ppl usually think about physical characteristics like is a boy and
has brown hair
Three features of self (the I and me)
Self includes the body
Self includes the Social identity (I am from Guelph)
Self is the active agent (decision making)
Functions of selfhood
Self in an interpersonal tool
o You know what u are, urself will tell u how to interact w other ppl, ex.
If ur friend is helpful u call that friend not ur neighbor…you create
that interpersonal connection…50 first dates there is no sense of self
for her, bc everyday is a new interaction. We know who to interact
Self makes choices
Self regulation
o You make the choices of how to react and who u think u are/ how
to react
Self knowledge (me) comes from:
Feedback u get from others effects ur view of urself ex. U know ur smart bc
ppl tell u that u are but none have actually taken a iq test
Self comparison
Self as a blank slate?!...not exactly true bc babies are born w some
element of self notion
Perceived self knowledge
Self knowledge is obtained from others but it is heavily filtered thru biases
from others:
o Politeness of others: like politeness not telling someone their hairstyle
is bad when u don’t know them that well
o Our lack of tendency to hear and process criticism
Accuracy of Self knowledge
Is it possible to be accurate? We tend to present ourselves in a positive
way …
some ppl say yes bc it’s the most complete form of knowledge
No psychoanalysis (its hard to define/obtain) bc its complicated
find more resources at
find more resources at
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