SOC 2760 Lecture 3: Lecture 3 – self across culture

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13 Feb 2017

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Lecture 3 self across culture
How do we understand ourselves?
Diversity of society in a quote
There are different rationalities in different parts of the world (norms differ bw
Definition of culture
Set of beliefs what is acceptable (not acceptable for a man to be
married to 4 wives
What we consider positive vs negative
Culture comprises (1) the human made part of the environment (roads,
buildings) (2) the social institutions of the society such as norms, rules and
laws (regulations, in Canada u can’t be a psychologist’s w/o a pHD but in
a diff part of the world undergrad in psych leads u to be a psychologist)
It takes time for culture to influence ppl
Culture imposes a set of values
Culture shapes our experiences
Influences they way we dress walk talk
You wont realize how Canadian you are until u leave the county and see
how ppl point out ur accent
“in some cultures I would be considered normal”
What influences culture?
Environment ex. If u leave close to a lake ppl become fisherman in order
to survive and eat, being brave and independent but if ur in an
environment like a city u don’t have to work as hard so u have to conform
to what the society does
Ecology shapes cultures
Ecology culture social behaviours
Sameness vs differences
There are universal behaviours and experiences
Thumbs up means “lets have sex” in brazil
Most cultures value honesty and everyone eats but what we eat when
and with whom we eat differentiates
there are cultural differences in practicing social beh and interpreting
experiences ex religion, food marriage
humans are more similar to one another than different (we share more
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find more resources at
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