SOC 2760 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Child Abuse, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Impractical Jokers

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13 Feb 2017

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Deviance is anything society condemns or rejects
Norm violation
Deviance violates social norms
A characteristic and quality that violates behavioral
Impractical jokers is about norm violation (deviant from what normally
would happen)
The issue of normative “consensus”
Our mutual understanding of deviance can be different so it brings a
consensus on what is normal vs not
Objectivist theories
Eg Merton’s anomie, differential association, strain
There are inconsistencies…common sense is appealing, there’s a
practicality of sorting what is deviant and what isn’t bc it makes things
easy and helps organizing common sense
Perhaps deviance isn’t a characteristic/quality?
Subjective theories
Deviance is subjective its what u see and how u interpret it
This has implications on how we see it and what it is (it’s a label or type of
understand to the term)
No objectivism (there’s nothing about the act of killing that makes it
deviant) killing in different context is okay like military but homicide (the
act) is not deviant bc if it was it would be seen the same way as a police
man killing
A perception/interpretation applied to the phenomenon
How do phenomena come to be interpreted as deviant? What social
processes are involved?
Marijuana use… what processes take place to say if this is deviant or not?
How would a sub. Approach examine drinking and driving? MADD
changed the way we think about drinking and driving bc that’s the
reason of deaths
How would a sub. Approach examine tattooing? Theres been a
fundamental shift …gone from being part of a gang if u have a tattoo to
being more socially acceptable
Labeling theory, conflict theory most important subjective approach in
text (deviance dance)
So is nothing truly deviant? Its just a matter of perception? Ex. Child
abuse is a matter of opinion
Blending subjective and objective
Hybrid approach
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find more resources at
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