SOC 2760 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Argot, Rank, Spinach

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13 Feb 2017

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Ex. Street Gangs
Predictors of involvement
Push (abuse) and pull (whats attracting them ex money or
reputation) factors
Recruitment (active: intimidation asking young ppl and force them
into the atmosphere and passive: exploiting own social networks for
member’s ex asking friends if they wanna join)
Trust and signaling: crime loyalty toughness burning bridges
Are they willing to do things that family wouldn’t approve?
The gang and the other: whether or not the member has
ambivalence to public
hierarchy (experience, toughness, wealth): how long have you been in a
gang and involved in crime?
“deviant careers”: how to think of deviance as a progression over time, ex
watching the change of ppl overtime on the street in gangs
norms and values
loyalty to the group and trust
value of violence (disciplined): don’t want attention so they look for ppl
who know when violence is appropriate
business sense: members have to be relatively good at business (on the
street, ex how to network)
masculinity and femininity: for guys- tough and violent for women- can’t
be aggressive and tough since its not “normal” in their standards, they
expect girls to be feminine
living for the moment
social class
lower/working class youth
visible minority: since Canadian society offers less for minorities
non members are looked down upon, not trusted
Subcultures: contemporary ex- homeless
“The mole people”
noticed homeless ppl living in tunnels as their own society ex. Showers,
meals, camp fires
in this society there are hierarchies’ ex ppl who make the rules
norms and values
help each other, share info and protect the tunnels (ex pick people to
keep guard and watch who comes in)
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find more resources at
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