SOC 2760 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Personal Development, Juvenile Delinquency, Young Offenders Act

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13 Feb 2017

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- January 26, 2017
Labelling theory: research
- Schwartz and Skolnick: labelling and employment study
- Altered file folders that were sent to different employers
- All information was the same except
1. Convicted - Assault and sentences
2. Charged - Assault but acquitted
3. Charged Assault, acquitted. Letter from judge
4. No CR
- Matsueda (92)
- Survey of 1700 males young
- What is the impact of being labelled by significant people in their
- Youth considered a “rule violator” by parents were far more likely to
engage in delinquent behaviour
Labelling as “stigmatization”
- Erving Goffman “stigma”
- Argues a stigma is understood to be qualities that make you social
- Said it was a “badge of dishonor”
- Stigmas have different levels of “deviantness”
- Labelling as stigmatization
Labelling theory: resisting labels and managing stigma
- Deviants are not always passive
- Kitsuse’s “tertiary deviance” as resistance
- Those in secondary deviance wont resistance
Canadian gay right movement
Disability rights movement and mental health movements
More subtle ways of managing labels and sigma
Information control- the deviant person who controls info
about themselves
Biographical and symbolic information control
Bio- deliberate attempt to prevent personal history from
becoming known to ppl around u (ex hiding criminal record)
Symbolic- we communicate thru symbols other than lang (ex.
Tattoos were gang symbols so ppl cover them up, covering it
up is symbolic control)
Sig.of internet
- Homophobia and womens sport
Gender norms, masculinity and sport
find more resources at
find more resources at
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