SOC 2760 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Mutual Exclusivity, Mechanical And Organic Solidarity, Anomie

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13 Feb 2017

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Lecture 2 -
Believed these things could be measured, dealt with and observed
Approached society …how well the social system is interconnected
if it isn’t integrated well then it leads to deviance
Deviance arises out of a social system where those parts aren’t
integrating so well
Functionalism and the social system
Deviance is functional (4 reasons)
1. Mechanical vs organic solidarity
To understand origins of social beh. Take a look at transitions and
development of social system from less complex to more complex
Mechanical is less complex: social order emerges as sameness, its
orderly bc the ppl are very similar in what the value and how they
Every once in a while someone will break from the group and do
their own thing
As we industrialize the system begins to change, ppl are not as
differentiated by task usually but the degree of the division of
labour increases and ppl gain different jobs and get more
complex…what holds us together is not the same values or norms
but that we need each other (“I need u for ur specialized skill sets
and u need me”)
2. Anomie and the great depression
Society can’t be fully integrated and couldn’t show their skill sets to
someone who needs them
3. Anomie and the hurricane Katrina
Social system broke down and ppl began to engage w things like theft
4. Anomie and war
If its ur country that’s under attack, theres usually deviance in societies
and w soldiers
Increases social solidarity
Can be bound together in their mutual dislike for deviant behavior
Determines moral boundaries
Rethink segregation so it facilitates the drive of ethical principles
Tests boundaries and opens door for change
Needing social change so it forces ppl to rethink their ideas
Reduces social tensions: society can “let off steam”
We feel better bc it allows us to vent about the conduct we witness
Functional doesn’t mean it’s a good thing
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