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SOC 3340
Victor Ujimoto

Oct 8 notes Reference to Chapter 5 Structural Transformation - to think structurally about the broad organization of school systems - to compare Canadian schooling to schooling in other nations - to identify aspects of school organization that accommodate, stratify, create competition Review: Assignment 1 - address an educational issue (dependent variable) - select 5 causal (independent variable) Review: Assignment 2 - operationalize independent variables Figure 3 objectives - examine 3 more important independent variables - state 3 objective statements stemming from the casual variables Figure 4 targets - characteristics of targets: individuals - characteristics of targets: organizations Review last weeks presentations - good introductions - references to figure 1 – outlined key causes of educational issue - causal variables operationalized - social change objectives were then stated - objectives linked to change targets and resistances Presentation Review - examine your presentation evaluation sheet returned - note those presentations that used a Table 1 to illustrate the objectives and at least 3 change targets - this week’s presentation will cover same concepts refined – A-5 Resistances - “any conduct that serves to maintain the status quo in the face of pressure to alter the status quo” (Zaltman and Duncan pg. 63) Barriers to Social Change - cultural barriers - social barriers - organizational barriers - psychological barriers Oct 8 n
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