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SOC 3340
Victor Ujimoto

Chapter 8 - Curriculum: the Content of Schooling An overview - nut just course content, but school rules, procedures, routine - those who design it: - “nurturing personal traits, and technical competencies” - preparing for civil life, and the economy - only a slice of human knowledge progressive education - egalitarian, student-centered, humanistic - “student learning” as opposed to “teacher teaching” - trends: - “usefulness” of courses - adapting to different learning styles - diversity of curriculum - still stratified - “core: subjects endure The globe and mail: who’s failing math? The system (article) - creative methods in teaching math – numbers are proving its not working “blocking knowledge” - same amount of time, increasing expectations - “blocking” as the solution - consequences: - assembly line – clear beginning and ending to subjects/learning - high school: separation of students – choose classes, different students in each of those classes - prevents intersubjectivity – cross-curricular - benefits: - teachers: tracking mastery - experts in specific areas Evaluation/Assessment/Testing - sorting and selecting - grades as “badges of ability” - adequacy of tests in assessing overall knowledge? - diagnostic assessment - formative and summative testing take precedence - lack of teacher autonomy - accountability - ensurin
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