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SOC 3340
Victor Ujimoto

Challenges - education as the “great equalizer” is fading rapidly - education provided opportunities for the disadvantaged, but not so today - Canadians worry that education alone wont be the “great equalizer” in the future importance of education - “education shapes our future biographies and life courses” according to Davies and Guppy education and Canadian citizenship - “education plays a pivotal role in nation building and citizenship” critical thinking - try to relate the various concepts and theories that you come across in your weekly readings to your own selected topic - is the concept or theory relevant to my educational issue? 3 classical theorists - Marx, Durkheim, Weber chapter 1 - ‘schooled society’ how schools relate to society: 3 roles 1. schools socialize youngsters - schools prepare new adults for generational succession - schooling is about passing along know-how changes in schools - changes in schools reflect changes in society - earlier, schools focused on values and virtues - schools mandated to forge civic responsibilities - schools established moral codes school policy today - schools emphasize the teaching of technical knowledge and skills - students have less time for history, music, English, other languages, etc - humanizing or civilizing aspects of education has taken a back seat the result: more issues - schools aren’t socializing everyone fairly or equally - they celebrate some culture traditions at the expense of others - they nurture some students for positions of advantage and other for a lifetime of subordination (eg. Aboriginals) Emile Durkheim - classical theorist (ch 2) who was concerned with the waning role of religion in most societies - examined the school’s socializing role - schooling was a tool to combat the rising culture of individualism in modern society school’s socialization role: questions/issues - what culture do schools socialize students into? - what
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