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SOC 3340
Victor Ujimoto

3 roles of schools - socialization - selection - organization/legitimation Durkheim and socialization - opportunities for making choices were minimal in traditional societies - today, we have too many choices and selection may not be rational - deference to tradition created regularity in social life eg. Role of women in traditional societies - why so much competition? – too many choices - religion prescribed what you did - custom and habit ruled - revolutions in industry and politics were transformations that brought in new social order - gave rise to individualism and democracy Durkheim’s questions - with the transition form traditional to modern societies, what provides for the social regularity of modern life? - industrialization and democratic reforms sparked greater individualism - new ideas were in ascendance - the dignity and worth of human individuals were central macro level research - cross-national comparison - or in long-term historical research - or how different cultures define bullying - some cultures may consider rough physical play to be normal Durkheim’s response 1) he argued against individual rationality or social contract as a basis of society 2) trust had to come first - trust comes form individuals interacting with one another - you don’t define yourself, others do 3) each of us speak a language that we did not invent - we think with words created by others - mutual understanding is possible only be using a common language - rules and resources promoted social cohesion Durkheim summary - social norms were essential to providing a moral framework – the basis of trust - with trust, mutual agreements can be reached Karl Marx: inequality - focus on the production and distribution of goods and services - today, this has shifted from domestic to off-shore environments - for Marx, industrialization creates vast differences in wealth - most wid
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