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SOC 3340
Victor Ujimoto

- intro - figure 1 for key variables - theories to link variables - develop argument - support references - conclusion - next steps Social transformation - considerable social transformations since the time of Durkheim, Marx, Weber - these social transformations have altered the social world and our behaviour Ref: Daniel Bell: the coming of post-industrial society - first was the Agricultural Era Production of food important - 2 was the industrial era which was built on human production and services rd - 3 was the information era based on information, communications, sales and services - Today post-information era social change - 1800s only 1/3 of Canadians worked in service sector - 2000: this proportion grew to 9/10 jobs - 1991-2001: people working in the computer related service jobs doubled (Baldwin & Beckstead) % distribution in the Canadian Economy production late 1800s early 2000s argriculture 44% 2% industrial 18% 29% service 38% 69% transformations: Bell - predicted shifts in the location of work - today, people live in 1 place, work in another location - outsourcing of manufacturing - outsourcing repairs, maintenance - outsourcing of data analysis to India Bell: meaningful jobs - bell reasoned that theoretical knowledge would be more central to people’s jobs: - knowledge - education - demographics - geography Bell’s main points - highlighted importance of: - knowledge - innovation - research - development - smart technologies technological transformations - bell anticipated computer technology as the driving force in contemporary society - predictions confirmed 1970-2000 by ICT (information, communication, technology) the information society - ICT transformed our way of life - internet, Facebook, twitter, you tube - today, it is and information society - therefore, Ujimoto (2010) information access is the “great equalizer” Nico Stehr (2001) - knowledge has become the key source of economic growth - knowledge now defines contemporary society - integration of social science knowledge still lacking - ICT now defines contemporary society role of politicians -
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