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SOC 3490
Scott Brandon

1. Purpose of Criminal Law 9. What is Crime? - Deals w social control (formal and informal) - Does crime cause miser and suffering? - Formal - Does it have a direct victim? o Rules of conduct - Are social outcasts easily targeted? - Surveys show: young, poor, urban males are 2. What is Punishment? most often feared - Goal of retribution - No mention of white collar criminals - Goal of incapacitation 10. Why the poor? o Take away from society, or conditions w punishments if disobey - Threaten capitalism - Goal of deterrence - CJS weeds out the wealthy o Penalties - Who “looks” like a criminal? - Ex 3. Criminal Law as Ideological Control 11. Poor Bashing - Criminal law adds to the hegemony of the ruling class - Govt agencies use phrases and words to define o Dominant groups power low classes the poor - The way things “ought to be” - Dependency, chronic users, fraud/abuse, traps - The public is convinced that politicians/elites of poverty, job research acts in our best interests - Ex: earliest laws dealt w the poor 12. Case One: Welfare Fraud 4. Instrumental Marxism - Includes ODSP and Ontario Works - Not defined same as the CCC - Law is a tool of the ruling class - Phrase is used to deny benefits - Are there biases in the CJS? - Some cases referred to police - How does the law control marginalized ppl? 13. Solutions: Ontario Reforms 5. Criticisms of the OVL - Social Assistance Reform Act (SARA) -
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