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law and society- feminism/white collar crime

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SOC 3490
Scott Brandon

January 302012Law and SocietyFeminism o Conservatismy real women movement organization Christian background that supports traditional values such as staying home and being a mothero Liberal y Why there are differences between men and women in societyy Culture and socialization determines inequalities of womeny Culture creates restricted roles and jobsy Women are partially to blame because they have been socialized to believe certain things such as receiving lower pay or not working at allo Radicaly Key patriarchy a male dominated societyy Asks how the law treats certain cases such as rape domestic violence self defencey There is a problem with structural violence the way people are taught about things ex boys will be boys sports violence male aggressionythe structure of the law can create inequalitieso Socialisty Focuses on womens oppression in the context of labour in the workplace and home How do laws regulate womens labour There is a lack of laws in some aspectsy Control of sexuality Issues of abortion birth control Its important for women to be able to chose if they want to be mothers or noty State as a resistor of changeo Marxisty Synthesis of class and patriarchy Significant class differences in terms of the type of jobs women and men are able to gety Women are exploited in 2 ways Domestic labour in the home Sexuality control by husbands lack of recognition as mothers and all the work they do in the home
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