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law and society- racism and the law

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SOC 3490
Scott Brandon

February 62012Law and Society Racism and the LawLaw and WCC o Critics claim corporations have too much influence over law makers and the processes It is harder to detect therefore can go on for many yearso WCC occurs under normal business practices bribery tampering with pharmaceuticalso What is ethical is unclear no clear cut rules there is a loyalty to the companySome Laws That Combat WCC o Administrative law regulatory agencies in Canada make up their own rules and punishment Often times it is under the honour system o Antitrust law economic competition cant have unfair competition between companies price fixing etco Occupational health and safety o Civil law aka tort law someone sues you class action suits Type of law that you can use with a faulty equipment between companies o Criminal law o All have limitations in dealing with WCCRacism and Law Racism has been tied to people institutions and domination Covert racism is also present racism that isnt always easy to detect people dont always admit or show that they are racistRacism Involves o Prejudice attitude and discrimination actions both have to be present for true racism to occur o Ideologies and practices which control exclude or exploit racialized peopleRacism and the Law o Institutional racism various rules and practices that are in place to openly exclude people in hopes of preventing them from getting into a particular part of an institutiono Systemic racism may be unconscious more difficult to pinpoint as it is everyday interactions that the institution has against a particular race or group unconscious act on the part of people in the institution Racial Profiling o Traffic stops etc that can be seen as racial profiling
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