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Lecture 6

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University of Guelph
SOC 3490
Scott Brandon

February 152012 Courts and Society Sentencing IdeologiesSentencingo 98 of sentences are imposed in provincial courtso Victims have the right to present a victim impact statementy This allows them to participate in the processy Part of the movement to keep victims involvedo Criminal code amendment requires judges to consider victim impact statements during sentenceso PSR judges often request these in order to have more information on the offenderPurposes and Principles of Sentencingcopy paste Utilitarian Goals o Focus on the future conduct and protect the public from future crimes in the following waysy General deterrence deter others from committing the crimey Specific deterrence deter the individual from re offending y Rehabilitationy IncapacitationRetributive Goals o Focus on the past as opposed to the futurey Denunciation y Retribution make sure offenders pay for their offences based on the eye for an eye principleRestorative Goals o Acknowledges that criminal behaviour harms the victim communities and the offendery Resolution should include involvementy Designed to protect the public from future criminal behaviourSentencing Optionso Adult Sentencing Options y Absolute discharge y Conditional discharge more commony Fine
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