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SOC 3710
Bill O' Grady

February 7/2012 Young Offenders Gangs Female Gangs - Ann Campbell o Female gangs date back to the early 1800's o 3 main types  Independent: these gangs are all female  Co gangs: includes both male and females with equal power  Exilerate: males gangs with females sort of on the side o There are very few rivalries between all male and all female gangs o Roles  Sexual favours for the male gang members  Moving drugs and moving weapons  The male gang members often use the females to hold and move the drugs and fire arms for them  Drug mules: moving the drugs from one country to another- they raise less suspicious at the border o Research shows there are independent gangs in New York and Las Angelas  They are less violent Who? o These girls come from deprived and disadvantaged segments of the population o They lack legitimate access to jobs o A lot of them dropped out of school o Weak education = no job prospects o They have unstable relationships with male breadwinners o Domestic duties: taking care of children, house keeping o How does a gang life fit into this?  According to Campbell, a gang represented an idealized collective solution to a bleak future  Idealized: making it seem like more than it is- sensationalized, seen as fun, risky, daring  Collective: these girls coming together have a shared common identity and a shared visualization of what being in a gang means  The gang is portrayed in a way that is not reflective of the reality o Girls who join gangs usually grow up in dysfunctional families  Little support, coercive environment  Joining a gang can act as a sort of sisterhood that is strengthened with the occurrence of rivalries Reality o According to Campbell, these girls spend a lot of time doing nothing and their lives are really less exciting than how they make them out to be o It's difficult to get an accurate depiction because respondents tend to glamorize their lives o Participant observation studies can provide a very different picture than the journalistic, interview approaches o Often times the girls don't even hang out with the male members of the gang o Sub cultural explanation  Dominant culture: Canadian culture  Parent culture: different generation, different ideas  Girls in gangs do not want to be like their mothers (living in crappy homes, welfare, taking care of kids)- they don't want to reproduce the life they had when they were growing up  Sub culture o Turns out, the more involved these girls get with gangs, the more likely they will end up living lives similar to the ones they wanted to avoid o Before gang life, these girls are not in school and don't have money  Joining a gang is a short term solution for these problems  Those who remain in gangs for the longest periods of time end up having the most negative consequences from it o When female gangs do exist they are usually
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