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The Historical Evolution of Law for Youth in Canada.docx

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SOC 3710
Bill O' Grady

thJan 15 Lecture Jordan Manners Described as Torontos first shooting Initial media response related it to other rampage shootings drawing comparisons to Virginia Tech shootings Framework then shifted to a focus on gang violenceThe accused both were young offenders and both new the victim Gangrelated framing vs underclass framingFor a shooting to happen in that area it would have to involve a culture a dangerous culture high tolerance to violence Result Two trials oThere was a mistrial The witnesses that had said they had seen the shootings denied it oThey were not convicted because the shooting was seen as accidental Framework oRampageGangrelatedUnderclassAccident The facts were never really known but theories emerged Demonstrates how the media constructs crime Life in PreConfederation Canada Prior to 1867 ththDuring the 18 and 19 century majority of the population lived in rural areas oMost people lived on farms farming was the main industry oNot a lot of trade what was produced on the farm was consumed on the farm oThe householdthe unit of production oFamilies were larger oChild were needed for labor oBirth control was nonexistent oLife expectancy was short o1217 year old group were adults in training oGender differences were prominent oSchool was not mandatory Education wasnt a big deal it wasnt required for the economy and thus most 13 and 14 year olds were working Around the 1800s this began to changeoWork started to shift from farms to factoriesoUnder English common law children under 7 13were not charged because they couldnt understand the seriousness of their actionsoChildren who were 14 and over were tried in adult courts subject to the same penalties as adults ie hung at times publicly flawed or sent to prison oKingston penitentiaries held children oCriminal justice systemwas once court system and one penal system
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