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University of Guelph
SOC 3710
Bill O' Grady

Jan 24 Classical Explanations of Youth Crime Pre Sociological Time period that goes back to when youth were not understood as being a separate category Dont apply to youth per se Two broad categories oEarliest Classical schoolLinked to Bentham and BeccariaAn enlightenment body of thought Time period of Europe where youth were not understood to be a separate category They had childhood and they had adulthood Theories were not directed at youth Focused on understanding adult offending Understood crime as a rational response to the world People commit crime because they the weight the costs and benefits of engaging in deviant acts Idea of a moral calculus 1012 years and under were not seen as accountable thDidnt change until the early 20 century Emile Durkheim Thinking about society in general In society there are things called norm and that society is fairly normative that people follow the rules that are invoked by laws customs religion and tradition Looked at individuals as part of a larger social structure Society was larger than the sum of its parts Parts in society include social institutions religion education family lawetc society is really greater than just summing all those parts up society is bigger than religion education family and law society is a set of forces that can impact behaviorSocieties operate at a level of consensus Society is seen as an organism like the body comprised of parts that are functional to the bodyHe saw society as a metaphor of the human body Humans generally work within this system Understood society as more than just a collection of individuals Chicago School First areas of sociological analysis that began looking at youth
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