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Long-term Effects of Youthful Offenders.docx

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University of Guelph
SOC 3710
Bill O' Grady

Feb 26 Long Term Effects of Youthful Offenders Key Research Areas QuestionsGoes back to the 1940s Four main sets of questions that guide research oWhat is the impact of youthful offending on offending later in life Does crime as a kid translate into crime as an adult oWhat are the educational and economical effects on people later in life when they are involved in crime earlier in life oWhat are the effects of incarceration on youth in terms of future offending and economic prospects oWhat affect does victimization have on you later in life MethodsRely upon longitundal research design oTwo types Panel Followup study what effect does having done one thing at one age affect what is done at another age expensive because they have to be big you lose about 2025 of the sample overtime samples are very large ie National Longitundal Survey of Youth America and Children Canada Cohort ex Centre for Addiction and Mental Health able to compare level of drug use for different cohorts over long periods
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