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University of Guelph
SOC 3710
Bill O' Grady

March 7 2013Gender and Criminology Female Offending Do we need a genderspecific way of understanding youthful female offending NaffineRichie oYou have to understand the offending of girls and women in a completely different way that you understand the offending of boys and men On what basis do we need a different understanding of female criminalityoBased on having in depth interviews with female offendersgetting to know them understanding their pathways and the context of their crimeFeminist researchers argue that you cannot understand female criminality by handing out surveysoYou have to get an indepth interview with these offendersReason Females are cautious about revealing information about their history and their circumstances Interviews allow the researcher to gain report and gain trust from the female you get a better relationship between the researcher and the female A qualitative approach generate theories from the data This approach began to really be carried out during the 1990sEarly trauma is a factor that contributes to female crimeoTrauma comes from abus
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